is this an effective study schedule?

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I decided to prepare notes for each lesson (chem, bio and phy) after school. The notes include all the thing i have studied on that particular day.

This is out of my comfort zone as I am used to preparing notes on a particular topic before the lesson for that topic takes place ( basically 1-2 weeks in advance). However it turned out to be ineffective in my case.

So yes this is my schedule - come home, shower, lunch, complete the assignments that have the closest deadline. Then 15 mins break, start preparing notes for difficult subs first- for me, anything in physics lol, then 15 min break, then bio then 15 mins break then chem, then break till i fall asleep. I've decided to follow this schedule as i don't need to think about what to prepare for tomorrow or day after and just focus on what i learned today, which means i have to go through few pages than the entire unit.

Then during the weekend, I would revise through all the notes i have taken during the entire week and practice out past papers, complete the remaining assignments etc.

This schedule helped me improve my grades in AS maths from D to A ( yes i repeated) so i am wondering if it would be as effective? if there is a change you would make, what would it be?
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This plan literally sounds perfect. However one thing i would say is do all your hw as soon as you get it rather than waiting till the deadline is soon - when I started doing this I felt so much less stressed! I used to do work before class, however like you, once I started doing work after class I drastically improved! Good luck with your studies!

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