TSR's Weekly Digest - 10th April

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There is so much news at the moment and it can be very difficult to keep track of everything going on that affects you personally. We also know that it can be quite easy to miss things happening on TSR if you're not eagle eyed 24 hours a day.

That's why we are now posting a weekly summary of the most important educational updates and news from both TSR and the wider world. Obviously we can only squeeze in a certain amount and might not get it right first time so please feel free to let us know what you're finding useful or not!

TSR'S Weekly Digest - 10th April

Important TSR Updates

65% of GCSE and A-level students polled said they did not think they'll be given a fair grade this summer.

Original TSR thread

TES article based on poll results

BBC Bitesize article featuring poll results

inews article based on poll results


Michelle Donelan - Universities minister was on TSR answering your questions on friday, check out the Q&A here

University students could be taking their first term of the 2020 year online.

No plans to reopen schools straight after Easter, government says

We asked you what factors are most affecting your mental health at the moment, this is what you have started saying

As always the Coronavirus mega-thread has been the place to discuss latest Covid-19 news.

News and Updates from across the Sector

Great update from UCAS with the most up to date information for students in Scotland

Another update from UCAS regarding Independent applicants, their predicted grades and references

BBC - Coronavirus: Scientists question school closures impact

BBC - Students angry at empty rooms rent charge

Advice from TSR

How to use virtual open days to choose your university

School closures, exam cancellations and should I still revise?

Useful thread content

Year 12 Maths self teaching thread!

Year 13's How are you spending your time?

The ultimate thread for mental well-being during lockdown

Join the TSR Easter Bunny Hunt here!

Most popular conversations this week (excluding forum games)

1.) Coronavirus Megathread

2.) to all folks who were retaking a-levels this year

3.) Ofqual update: How your A-level and GCSE grades will be decided this year (3rd April)

4.) Official Cambridge 2020 Postgraduate Applicants Thread

5.) Would you consider havin a relationship with no sex?

Unanswered questions, can you help?

Uni of Manchester?

BTEC-ICT project

Do you play PUBG?

Please help. Really confused about normal vector to the surface 𝑛 ̂ = 𝑖̂/√2+ 𝑗̂/ √2

Music students / music producers blog

Comment of the week

I'm really proud of the above and the role discussions on TSR can have in broadcasting student opinion to the wider audiences. Everyone's votes, comments and opinions have been seen by such a big diverse audience, it really shows you the role the TSR community can play in broadcasting and helping shape issues that affect students and young people. - Evil Homer

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