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Winter time, University of Kent
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Comments about Parkwood? Good/Bad?

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just got my offer for bossenden court parkwood?

im unsure about it because i so wanted to go in tyler court.

can anyone tell me what its like?

I'm Bossenden Court too, what room number?

Also, does anyone know how the rooms are arranged (how many per flat, how many flats per bit)?
Winter time, University of Kent
University of Kent
im in 13b :biggrin:
3D, I have no idea where that would be in relation to you though!
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i'm 4/F in bossenden court

yeah, does anyone know what that means? cause i thought it meant 4th floor but obviously not...they should have like a room map on the kent website
same. i wish there was more pictures!
Yeah. I don't know if I saw the bedrooms? I think the first time we went we could only see the kitchen and the second time we didn't bother going over.
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i've seen a flat in parkwood, dunno where it was though so bossenden might be different

i got a theory, maybe the number is like the "house" number or something, and the letter is what room you're i'll be in flat 4, room F

Think you're right on that, you must be in one of the 6 people flats (or are all of Bossenden 6 people flats?) if that's right. What were the rooms like (in comparison to say, Tyler Court B?)
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i didn't see tyler court so can't help you there :/

parkwood were definitely the best rooms i saw though, if that helps...which it prolly doesn't sicne you wanna know about tyler court

found that map, doesn't tell us about rooms but just incase you were wondering (like i was) how far away from everything we are
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i got parkwood nickle court :frown: I WANTED TYLER AAAAAA
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Kemsdale, anyone? I know it's in the Parkwood flats, but does anyone have any idea how many people live in a flat? I wanted Tyler, for the busy & social aspect, and was looking forward to living with about eight other people! But nevermind. :smile:

Anyone got any info on Kemsdale?
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how far isit to walk from parkwood (flats) to the main campus? slow pace
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i (matt) got parkwood Bossenden Court, studying multimedia and technology design. :biggrin:

cant cook, but going to be very entertaining to try lol
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how far isit to walk from parkwood (flats) to the main campus? slow pace

roughly 10 mins i been told :smile:
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does ANYONE have nickel court? or am i the only soul?
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i need some piccys of parkwood flats...
Maybe we can make a plea to current/previous Kent students to give us a few of the Parkwood interior?
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hahaha! start a thread....i give you the honours...? (im afraid i might get ignored!)
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I completely forgot about this thread. Thanks so much for the replies! They were very helpful. I like to cook lots of types of food, but my fave is baking. I'm in Parkwood 7C.