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Winter time, University of Kent
University of Kent
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Comments about Parkwood? Good/Bad?

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I'm in 29 Purchas Court- I really wanted Parkwood so I'm happy :jive:
Winter time, University of Kent
University of Kent
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I think I am living in Parkwood Farthings 7 C. I checked my student deets and that was what was listed. I am technically a 3rd year because I am a US student from Indiana University doing my Jr. Year Abroad. I am really looking forward to having a kitchen, even if it is tiny/basic.

How are the rooms? Are they clean? What type of closet space is there?

I will have to buy sheets/etc. from ASDA when I get to campus because I can't bring that in my 2 bag limit :frown:

Also, what type of deals can one get on a bus pass? I know - random - but one of the exchange students from UKC told me that I should get one, but they make deals as the start of the year, so don't freak out at the price.

I'm in Farthings 17. :smile:
does ANYONE have nickel court? or am i the only soul?

Hey I'm living in flat 10 in Nickle Court. You're not the only one there! Which flat are you in?
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It's good to hear about the Parkwood rooms. I am not one of those Americans used to a huge house. I live in a room the size of an American prison cell at home. haha. Our kitchen is tiny as well, so I will be just happy to have something to cook in. I love to cook/bake and it's exciting to know I will have that.

I will definitely look into the pass. Since I want to go into town for groceries, etc. it will be helpful.

Hi im in the parkwood accomodation, kemsdale i think you will really like it. The rooms are a good size and its ensuite. I love baking and cooking too. What are you studying at kent?