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Anyone whose doing law degree (Mainly 1st years) or have come across this topic, can I have your views on how you would tackle this question.

This is the question:

“ Vicarage Hall Limited owns Vicarage Hall, a Grade II listed wedding venue. Perfect Day Ltd are the main wedding planner contractor used by Vicarage Hall to organise events.
Vicarage Hall have an insurance contract with Burich Insurance. The policy covers damage to the property and public liability among other things. Under the insurance contract, Vicarage Hall (the “assured”) is defined as defined as including “all related companies, contractors and sub-contractors”. Insurance for public liability did not include “any claim arising under any Workmen's Compensation Law”.
A worker, contracted to Perfect Day Ltd by an employment agency, was seriously injured while erecting a marquee on sight. Perfect Day Ltd commenced action against Burich Insurance for indemnity.

Advise Perfect Day Ltd on the above situation along with an evaluation of privity of contract.
Your advice should include:
• Whether Perfect Day are one of the ‘assured’ parties under the insurance contract between Vicarage Hall and Burich Insurance.
• Any applicable remedies
• A wide variety of legal sources and examples
• Critical evaluation of privity of contract with reference to reforms proposals”

It’s only for 1250 words so I’m guessing it shouldn’t be too detailed.

Thanks in advance
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I'm more than happy to help you, but not the whole thing.

Please tell me your thoughts first and what specifically you are struggling with?

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