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Theres this girl called Laura who is obsessed with me she tells everyone she really likes me and texts me every second which is nice as I like talking to her. As it's lockdown in our country.
The problem is I was told she's been having mental breakdowns and it's stressing her out as she thinks I don't like her back. Shes good looking and we get along Its just I cba with a relationship but we are good friends but she wants more.

This is what my twin Sister who is good friends with Laura sent me this message with what a friend also said about it. This is the full text including what another friend said about it Sister-

Stop texting Laura genuinely She’s having mental breakdowns She needs to distance herself from u
"but he genuinely hasn’t done anything wrong she’s just like infatuated with him and he clearly doesn’t have the same feelings for her as she does for him”-from Claire Don’t tell her this

(Text over)

When I went to her house Just friends we were on the topic of relationships and I even said I don't want a relationship right now with anyone as I didn't want to lead her on.

I need advice on what would u do and have I done anything wrong?
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Just tell her straight up. Like hey dood I know you like me but back off plz. Obviously be much nicer though. Just say it as it is

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