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Anyone starting (or already at) Josephine Butler College?

I will hopefully be starting at Josephine Butler College this October. Can anyone give me any information on it? For example when we start and how much stuff we should be bringing? I'm presuming we have to bring more stuff than the people at other colleges, because we are self-catered and have en-suite shower rooms.

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I just finished my first year at Butler, so hopefully I can help. :smile: Not sure what date you can arrive but once results come out, the college will probably put up a page for Freshers on the website.

You will want to bring lots of kitchen stuff -- saucepan, frying pan, plates, bowls, knives, cheesegraters and so on and so forth. I think the TSR Wiki has a good checklist somewhere. The kitchens come with a kettle and a toaster so you don't need to bring those. You might end up sharing some stuff with your flatmates depending on how well you get along but really there is enough room in the cupboards for you to have your own gear. And then of course you'll want to bring bedding and all the other stuff everyone else is bringing. The rooms come with desk lamps but if you want something a bit less harsh than the desk lamp or the overhead fluorescents you might want to bring another lamp too. You don't really need to bring that much extra stuff for the ensuites, actually, because they come with shower curtains and there's no room for bathmats. Toilet paper, I suppose.

The ensuites are awesome, by the way. I miss mine.
Chemistry Research, Durham University
Durham University
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Thankyou thats really helpful. I guess I will need to bring lots of things as I am literally moving out of home! :smile:
Don't forget the tin opener.
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True I don't think I would be eating much if I didn't bring one!
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I've just finished my first year in Butler too. The one thing I forgot was toilet paper, which the college don't provide.
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Haha, yes kitchenware might help but if someone who hasn't brought a lot gets put with me, then they will be ok because I have packed loads of stuff! hehe lol. Yes I would like to know someone before I go so i'm not all alone on the first day! Then everything will seem less scary!
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your going on the train? u may need a whole carriage 2 yourself just 2 fit all of the stuff we have 2 take on the train!!! is the train journey long?
Argh, thinking of a list of all the stuff i have to bring on the train! The bedding's gonna be a nightmare... *sigh*... phooey :frown:

Nothing stopping you going to Argos and buying a new set of bedding, towels etc...
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I've had one from durham confirming my place n telling me 2 fill in the accomodation form which i have and also 2 print off and fill in the other forms so i have i just need 2 send them off. I've also had a letter from ucas confirming my place and telling me to email the admissions department at durham.

I think that you should get something soon though and if not then ring them to confirm your place etc.
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I also got one from ucas confirming my place and telling me to email the university, and one from Durham, also confirming my place and telling me to fill in few forms - licence agreement, college membership etc. that's all i've received.
i guess now i have to fill the tell us about yourself form?
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Just finished my third year at Butler, about to go into fourth year.
The amount of stuff extra you have to bring isn't a huge amount more than for a catered college, literally jsut kitchen stuff. So bowls, plates, cups, glasses, cutlery, tin opener, tea towels, vegetable peeler (I was the only one with one last year and my entire flat was people who lived in before)
As for duvets, when I transferred there when it opened we were provided wiht a duvet you got to keep, not sure about whether or not this happened last year as I wasn't involved with the freshers. Email [email protected] or [email protected] if you want to know exactly what will be provided for freshers this year.

Butler should send you some stuff through, but it won't have been sent until after results day so we know who is coming and who isn't
^ This is good advice, especially the peeler bit.

However I don't think we were provided with duvets last year, although there was some sort of bedding set that you could pay for. Not sure if it was any good.
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^ This is good advice, especially the peeler bit.

However I don't think we were provided with duvets last year, although there was some sort of bedding set that you could pay for. Not sure if it was any good.

If its the same set that we got at Aidans, its pretty good and its all you need pretty much.
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Hi, I'm at Butler too, starting this october, doing Politics. I cant seem to get on facebook so im hoping to meet ppl before i go :biggrin: CANT WAIT! already mostly packed but are we supposed to know which room we are in? Most of my friends at other uni's do already.
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No, you don't need to know which room you're in. They're all exactly the same anyway and you'll be told when you collect your key on arrival.

Random point about tin-openers: buy an expensive one because it'll save you so much stress and cut fingers. I think that was one of my mum's words of wisdom to me and although everybody in my flat had a tin-opener, they all used mine by the end.

Also, washing-up liquid and cloths/sponges/scourers (whatever you like to use) aren't provided. You're going to have to wash up at some point!
Whats Jo Butler like? Like as an actual place to live?
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Does anyone know if we are suppossed to have got tickets for the freshers ball at the DUS yet? i heard pendulum are playing!
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I sent a cheque through the post for my tickets and hopefully they have got it by now and we can go and collect them on Monday 6th October. Hope that helps.
how far away is butler from the law buildings? :smile:

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