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Hi there everyone i have a question which has been a huge weight on my shoulders an i would appreciate all advice given xSo, I take the BTEC Applied science national extended certificate, Alevels Psych, spanish and the EPQ and i initially had the dream to do something in the medicine field e.g. nursing, paramedicine, doctoring etc. But because i had been forced to take the BTEC by my sixth form i am unable to do so. I know that i am unable to do doctoring but i still want to do nursing. So i was wondering if i would be better off by complete my 2 years of Alevels and then do another 2 years of different alevels in a college (probably bio and chem) and then apply to go to uni to do nursing OR should i just do my 2 years of Alevels and apply to do nursing as an apprenticeship OR should i just apply to a uni for nursing and see what happens from there?Again any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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In general you can spend a maximum of 3 years taking A levels/Level 3 qualifications so staying on for a further 2 years is not an option.

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