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Hi, does anyone know how hard/easy it a to get a parking permit at Lancaster Uni. Despite the criteria. Are there any loopholes?
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The policy is detailed at -

But in general hard.

Specifically you need to meet one of the following:

1. Blue Badge Holders and students with temporary reduced mobility or medical conditions that impact on mobility.

2a. Campus residents where the illness or disability of an immediate family member (parent/legal guardian, spouse, brother or sister) necessitates frequent visits home. (Note: This is offered on compassionate grounds)

2b. Students where the illness or a disability of a dependent family member necessitates frequent visits home. The family member must be dependent on the student for support and the medical evidence will need to confirm this. (Note: This is offered on grounds on dependency)

2c. Campus residents that have lost an immediate family member (parent/legal guardian, spouse, brother or sister) in death within the last 6 months.

3. Any student with children aged 16 or under

4. Campus residents which are required to attend frequent (at least every 3 weeks) medical appointments or medical treatment in an area which cannot reasonably be reached by public transport

5a.Campus residents with regular term-time employment in excess of 10 hours per week who cannot reasonably reach their employment by public transport. Students working on Campus will not be eligible for a parking permit. Employment by an immediate family member (parent/legal guardian, grandparent, spouse, brother or sister) cannot be included.

5b. Campus residents with regular (most weeks throughout the year) course related activity which cannot reasonably be reached by public transport. This does not apply to off campus students.

5c. Campus residents with regular volunteer work in excess of 5 hours a week which cannot reasonably be reached by public transport. This does not apply to students that live off-campus.

6. Campus residents who have brought their car with them by ferry from their home overseas.

7. Any student whose term-time address is off-campus and outside the defined urban core area. See Urban Core Area Postcode List and Boundary Map on the Student Parking webpage. (Not sure how this works if you don't live locally:

8a. Campus residents who are pursuing training or development as an excellent athlete representing their country or Great Britain and whose need extends beyond what is provided at the University. It requires the student to attend training/competition and other associated meetings on a regular basis and cannot be reasonably be reached by public transport

8b. Campus residents who would regularly, with the use of a vehicle, transport other members of their University club or society to enable them to participate in the group’s key activity where that activity by its very nature cannot be performed on campus, e.g. canoeing, mountaineering, sailing, kiting, etc.

For all of those except number 1 - you'll need to also pay £140 a year. And the permit will only be valid on South West campus, probably around 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile from the center of campus.

If you don't meet any medical requirements the only ones you might meet at 5a, 5c. In later years if you still live on campus you might also meet 8b, although I'll see as a society chair which could meet 8b never have we considered doing so (although no one has asked), and I wouldn't allow it just because some asked, that rule is there for a purpose. Also you'll have to deal with the students union to get it which no one enjoys and is unreasonably
time consuming and painful.

You don't need a car in Lancaster, unless you meet the criteria above, the local buses are totally fine, being regular and run late. There is also a cycle route from campus to the city center which is mostly offroad and reasonably flat, with plenty of bike parking across campus. Stagecoach sell discounted unirider passes - and if you are still 18 discounted under 19 tickets are available.

People do also park on Bailrigg Lane and Hazelrigg Lane - these are the closest bits of road to campus. However, earlier this year the council has implemented a traffic regulation order to prohibit parking in these areas. Otherwise some people do pay by the day in the visitor car parks - its £5 per day (£3 on South West campus or car park K - near the sports center) or £2 for 2 hours - although free on weekends and after 1800.

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