The TSR Weekly Digest - 17th April

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There is so much news at the moment and it can be very difficult to keep track of everything going on that affects you personally. We also know that it can be quite easy to miss things happening on TSR if you're not eagle eyed 24 hours a day.

That's why we are now posting a weekly summary of the most important educational updates and news from both TSR and the wider world. Obviously we can only squeeze in a certain amount and might not get it right first time so please feel free to let us know what you're finding useful or not!

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Results day for GCSE and A-levels was announced

It was announced on Thursday that the A-level results day would stay as the 13th August, after initial comments made both by Ofqual and the DFE that they would try to make it earlier this year...

A-level and GCSE results day confirmed (TSR)

How do you feel ahead of Results Day 2020? (TSR)

Ofqual released their open consultation on grading proposals

Ofqual have asked for opinions on their latest proposals for how grades are going to be given this year, you can now answer a few multiple choice questions to give your opinion on many different factors regarding the summer 2020 grading system....

Have your say on this summers exam grading (TSR)

New updates and summary of grading proposals (TSR)

How your BTEC and other vocational and technical qualification grades will be decided (TSR)

There has been lots in the news about schools re-opening

After a study by UCL suggested school closures had little impact on the transmission of the virus, the idea that schools may re-open has been in the news spotlight this week, as has lots of misinformation...

Calls for schools to reopen over the summer (TSR)

Schools reopening and other misleading education rumors being shared (TSR)

University news

Universities and the many lives they touch stay in the news this week .....

University students in England pay higher fees for fewer lectures (TSR)

Do Year 12's have enough information to start their Uni applications? (TSR)

Students 'staying put' during pandemic (BBC)

Recommended Resources

Check out this weeks recommended resources, if you know of something that could be useful please share below.....

Year 10 Study Group (TSR)

Year 10 GCSE study at home advice (TSR)

Year 12 Self-Teach maths group (TSR)

Mental health tips during COVID-19 - uncertainty around my education (TSR)

Surviving Lockdown on a budget (Student hut)

Cool ways to pass the time

Bored of the serious stuff? Find ways to pass the time in lockdown here....

What are your favorite online fitness videos? (TSR)

Pandemic/Isolation Quiz Names (TSR)

The video games you're all playing while in lockdown (TSR)

TSR's one album a day club (TSR)

Food your cooking while in lockdown, pictures! (TSR)

Nationwide Harry Potter Quiz today! (Studentbeans)

Most popular conversations this week (Excluding forum games)

Check out the most popular threads this week

1.) Coronavirus Megathread

2.) To all folks who were retaking a-levels this summer

3.) Most prestigious degrees according to you?

4.) So... there is no way universities will re-open in September right?

5.) Official Cambridge 2020 Postgraduate Application

Top threads from other sections

Here are some other threads of interest .....

The Pupillage Interview/Acceptance/Rejection Thread 2020

Insomnia Club

Without naming your favorite movie, what is your favorite movie?

What conversations have caught your eye this week? Is there anything we've missed? Similarly what content do you want to see from TSR in the future?

Hope you've enjoyed
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Fab to see this, such a cool idea
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This is a great post, I am grateful to the author for it, it has a lot of useful information.

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