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Students: How much do you spend on alcohol?


Average spend per week on alcohol (include drugs as well actually)

Per week. I don't care about getting drunk (yes I know, this may cause me slight problems but w/e) so I'm wondering how much I'll end up saving compared to the average student.

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Are you refering to drinking in a pub/club or at home?
If its the former then anywhere between £0 and £20 depending on what I am doing in the week.
If its the latter then anywhere between £0 and £40 as I usually stock up a couple of times a term - once at the beginning and once in the middle.
As I dont do drugs that would be £0 per week.
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I spend £5 a week on alcohol, once a month or less.
Including the money I spend on friends' alcohol, I'd say about £15.
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It's hard to gauge at the minute cus its not term time. Prob about 15-20 quid, if you average out pubs/nights out etc
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yeah, I primarily meant term time. Including everything - home, clubs, pubs, the lot.
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Not surprising, since I dont drink alcohol.
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I usually have weeks where I drink very little, and weeks where I drink lots on big nights out, so it's hard to gauge. As an estimate, I put £10-£15.
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tenner would do it

unless im buying some from clubs/pubs

bottle of absinthe is another option =]
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Myself... not very much. I can't drink very much very quickly though when I'm out or else I feel sick. :frown: Probably averages out at around £5 a week. Will be more when I get to uni though I bet.
I said "I don't drink" as it's a rare occasion for me to go out drinking so it makes as much difference as to be negligible.

Did you really need to add "Students:" at the start on The Student Room?
a week not much on average, though it spikes from time to time....

usually like 20-30 when i do go out (so like an avg of £.01 a week :P these days)
Atm, sod all. No mates around, no drinkies.

Once I'm back at uni? Well, I put £20-30, but that's probably a bit modest, more £30-40... :s-smilie:

Well, I plan to get it to nearer £15-20 next year. I can't afford it, and I like drinking at home more than in pubs/clubs usually.
I don't drink, but I buy a £4 bottle of sherry perhaps once a term.
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Easily spend 80-100 euros on a night out when i'm down in Dublin, £20 definitely do me for a night out when i'm at home
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It really ranges. At the moment it's usually £20-30 one night a week down the pub. At Uni we tend to drink in a lot before going out, so we just split a bottle of Vodka or get 8 cans of beer for about £6. At Uni I'll usually go out 2-3 nights a week and might have the odd shot or pint at a night out so it's still about £20-30.

Felt like saving some cash this week so I just split a bottle of SoCo with a mate, only spent £9 on alcohol this week, yay :biggrin:
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£0 and I don't drink (just in case you think I get it free)
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I cannot drink because it gives me a liver problem, so unless I am buying my friend a bottle, the number pretty much remains 0.
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Well during my first year I spent about 10 grand? So like hundreds a week I guess.