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the alevels im taking are more suited for a degree in law which im interested in - i like the idea of becoming a lawyer or a prosecutor. but at the same time, i've wanted to be an orthodontist but my grades are not good enough to take science alevel which is a bummer. idk what point im trying to make but is it even the slightest bit possible to become an orthodontist without science alevels?
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Okay well I can't imagine it is, but I'm not really an expert in the area. Even if it was, I'd say it would be more difficult and so you'd have to have super high grades. If your grades weren't high enough in the sciences at GCSE you'd probably really struggle doing science at degree level.

You would need a dentistry degree as a first step to becoming an orthodontist. These generally require two science A-levels (and prefer three)

Uni of Manchester say:

Our standard A-level offer is AAA including Chemistry and Biology/Human Biology. You must also meet the GCSE requirements.

A combination of three sciences is equally acceptable at A-level. However, our offer will not include combinations of very similar subjects, for example, Biology and Human Biology or Maths and Further Maths together.

To be considered you must have a minimum of grade B (6) in GCSE English Language and Mathematics. Dual Award Science must be offered at minimum BB (66) or the sciences at minimum grade B (6) at GCSE or AS-level.

Bristol say:


Standard offer AAA including AA in Chemistry and one of Biology, Physics or Mathematics. Graduates are required to obtain a 2:i in their degree and BBB at A-level including Chemistry and one of Biology, Physics or Mathematics.

GCSE profile requirements Profile:
Advanced numeracy requirement (7 or A in GCSE Maths or equivalent) and
Standard literacy requirement (4 or C in GCSE English or equivalent)

Kings College London say:



A typical offer is A*AA at A-Level, including Chemistry or Biology, and an additional one of Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Maths or Psychology. Please note that if an applicant is using Maths to meet the subject requirements, we will not be able to accept Further Mathematics as the third A-Level.

Additionally, grade 6/B in both English Language and Mathematics at GCSE, if not offered at A-level.

Glasgow say:

Standard entry requirements: AAA.
Minimum entry requirements: Applicants must meet STANDARD Entry Requirements.
Additional requirements: A-level Biology/Human Biology AND A-level Chemistry. General Studies is not accepted as a third subject.

Six GCSE at Grade A (Grade 7–9) including Mathematics OR Physics AND English Language (or Literature) at Grade B (Grade 6).

Work Experience (three days minimum).
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What grades did you get for science, English and maths? (as uni's tend to focus on them a lot)

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