Any free plagarism checker's which are not terrible?

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Just looking to see if anyone knows of any plagiarism checkers which are half decent. So far the ones I have seen are about as much use as a chocolate fireplace. What do I mean by this? Well, I've tested multiple plagiarism checkers that are free to use online and they are either one of the following 2.

1• Too lenient - They will say "0% plagiarism" and even if it is a direct quote from a thesis or report, they will still give a big thumbs up saying "no plagiarism here". I even tested this copying around 800 words directly from a report and still stated 0% plagiarism.

2• Too strict - They will see 1 word and declare plagiarism. My report will include 1 or 2 words multiple times, for example, ARP and these checkers will have a field day. I have tested this with a paragraph from my report which simply includes an introduction to Address Resolution Protocol. I put this into the plagiarism checker and it states "30% uniqueness". This is obviously not right, looking closer it seems the algorithm of this checker is simply to find a word, not a sentence, a word which is the same as another site and then flag it. It will even flag a full sentence, I will then go to the site it claimed I plagiarised from and the sentence is not even there.

So in both of these scenario's these checkers have been about as trustworthy as Judas Iscariot.

I am aware of "Well if you have not plagiarised then why do you need to check". It's not needing to check, it's wanting to check as there is always the possibility that I have accidentally put the same information as a source I have never seen and it just prevents a huge headache down the road. I am also taking into account references.

So, in short, does anyone know any trustworthy plagiarism checkers which are not in short term's, garbage?

Thank you.
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Does your uni not have an option on Moodle or whatever to use turnitin every 24 hours? No submission required.

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