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Which Swansea accommodation is the best?

I am hopefully starting a course on Singleton campus 2020 and I’m stuck where I should live.

I know there is lots Singleton accommodation and it’s right where I need to be however I know it isn’t as modern as the bay campus accommodation.

Bay campus is modern and closer to the beach however it’s further away from town, 30 bus ride away from Singleton campus and is much more expensive than the other accommodation. I was also wondering if they have any standard rooms without an en-suite.

I also know there is a cheaper location called Hendrefoelan student village but again it’s not as modern. I also don’t know how long the bus ride would be to get from there to the Singleton campus.

And lastly I’ve been looking at other places like “student roost - at David’s”, “prime student living - coppergate” and “omnia - oldway centre”. Will these places still give me a full university experience?
Hendrefoelan student village has now closed but there is some great accommodation around the city centre that Swansea University has signed up with. true Student Living and Seren

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