What does this mean? Does he like me or not?

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So we’ve all made an embarrassing mistake haven’t we? Well I think that’s exactly what this was here goes...

So I had a one night stand with this guy who I share mutual friends with, he’s a decent guy well respected and liked by everyone. I’m not ashamed of the one night stand a lot of people do it and it’s the only 1 I’ve ever done. The next morning we had sex again and he called me a few hours later and we had a general chat. I wasn’t expecting anything from him as I was going back to uni which was miles away and he was aware of this so we left it there. Since then he’s asked friends about me, he’s asked how I’m doing with uni and so on. So last week i got a message from him on social media and we had a nice chat, nothing sexual at this point, he then called me and we spoke for over an hour on the phone. The one night stand was last year btw. We chatted about our careers, family, the lockdown etc. Then he made a few comments saying how I was particularly good at something in the bedroom and said it was the best he’d ever gotten. He was also telling me that he’s not met anyone but he has a friends with benefits but he’s not into her that way and he if was to meet someone he’d end it straight away. He also said that after the lockdown we should “meet up” again. We’ve been chatting on and off most days and I’ve started to think about him a lot he’s really lovely like one of the good ones. Anyway because the chats were more general than sexual/romantic I wanted to no if he was interested in me in that way or if he was just being polite to avoid awkwardness at the next social gathering so I drunkenly sent him a sexy picture out the blue and his reply was “laughing emojis and made a comment about my roommates whereabouts whilst I took the photo” I immediately regretted it and told him to forget it to which he replied “stop panicking it’s nothing I haven’t seen before” i then explained my reason for doing it and asked him if we could forget the whole thing and he replied “ stop worrying it’s fine honestly” I haven’t spoken to him since or had any messages or phone calls. I feel slightly down about the situation, and I’m feeling insecure about my physical appearance. Can someone please comment I’d like to see what you guys think?

Sorry it’s long
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