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Hey, could someone please briefly outline the successes and failures of the He Jian-Kui case?
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The gene-editing controversy?
Not really designer babies, the focus was on implanting gene-edited embryos intended to be resistant to HIV infection.
The experiments resulted in the birth of three ivf babies to two mothers living in china.
The only names that have been released are those of twin baby girls referred to as Lulu & Nana, their parents are known by the aliases of Grace and Mark.

The gene editing project was initially viewed positively within the chinese media and perceived as a source of scientific advancement in the practical application of gene-editing techniques.
Then public opinion turned as fellow scientists specialising in biomedical research began to express firm criticism of the ethics, secrecy and branded the project dangerously irresponsible.
The criticisms within both chinese and international scientific circles became very harsh.
Involving terms like "monstrous", "a gross violation" and "a huge blow to the global reputation and development of Chinese science".
122 chinese scientists put their names to a joint statement branding He Jian-Kui's actions unethical and insane.
Doubts circulated as whether the research, clinical trials and their funding sources were compliant with chinese laws.
With preliminary reports alleging widespread illegality, deceiving research participants based in china, unlawful overseas partnerships and the forging of research papers.
He Jian-Kui along with some his research team faced multiple criminal charges, were convicted on charges relating to forging documents and duping law abiding doctors into unlawfully implanting genetically edited embryos within chinese territories.
Mr. Jian Kui was sentenced to several years imprisonment and a six figure fine.

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