A-Level Computer Science Project work – what is like?

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Hello everyone,
Has anyone completed an AQA A-Level in computer science recently? What languages are accepted? Can anyone give me an example of a project they've been asked to complete as a part of their A-level?

I know C, Python, TypeScript/JavaScript with Node.JS, I used to use PHP a long time ago. Are any of these languages accepted?

Who chooses the languages – the board or the teacher?

Thanks loads, I know there are quite a few questions here.

Hi! I'm currently in year 12 and do AQA A-Level computer science. I'm not too sure if you're addressing the entire course, or the NEA aspect so I'll just answer both and hope for the best XD.

Whole course
Your teacher normally decides what language your programming lessons are on because it relies on their strength of computer science and programming languages. You can program in another language by all means, but you'll be learning harder programming concepts in the language your teacher chooses.
As for projects, we are given GCSE NEA style questions to practise our skills and depending on the lesson we are given projects such as making simulations, binary search tree algorithms, reverse polish notation, OOP concepts like shop stocks and a lot more.

From my knowledge, any language is accepted but just ensure its one that you know you can understand and execute well and demonstrate high-level coding mechanisms. It may be easier to work in the language your teacher is the most comfortable with so you can ask them for guidance if necessary and it lets them judge if the project you are pitching to them is manageable in said language.
You have to choose your own project, but ensure that it's manageable in the time frame that you have (100 hours or so) and that you can demonstrate the best coding you have ever done to get top marks.

Hope this helped, and feel free to ask any questions or make me explain myself a bit further XD

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