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Currently in year 12, I got an E in my 'final' mock and Ds throughout the year. TO top it off my teacher for English has been disgracefully terrible and very unsupportive- every time I ask to see what I got on my essays or ask for tips to improve she avoids the topic.
My essay writing skills have not improved and according to my teacher I shouldn't worry too much as it is something that will 'come with time'. I am running out of patience and my mom wants to write an email to the school about her poor teaching and lack of support but I'm scared she's going to predict me even worse for UCAS.
I really enjoyed it at GCSE however this bridge/jump from GCSE to A levels is too much for me. Help someone the Unis I want to go to all have AAA* requirements.
Can someone please tell me how to self teach myself edexcel English and how to write essays.
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It's often mainly a change of mindset which is useful... think of every single part of the text as necessary, and think of anaylsis like reading the author's thoughts - what did they want to come into your mind as you read?

Tasks that can help:
- Read high level exemplar essays found online and work out why they got good marks.

- Practice taking a 10 line extract from a text you're studying and annotating every single technique you can see, then google literary techniques and annotate more that you hadn't heard before perhaps including synaesthesia and things like that. Next, choose 3 of the text's themes, and work out how each of your annotated techniques could influence each theme.

- Annotate unseen texts as above, but identifying 3 themes from the text.

- Practice essay plans. Aim to include 3 sub-themes (for 3 different paragraphs) and one overall theme to tie them all together. For example, (if you study A Streetcar Named Desir, for example) for an essay about masculinity your paragrahps might be
1. The threat of modern femininity to traditional masculinity
2. Masculine fear and aggressive consequences
3. How traditional masculinity is out of sync with equality
Overall argument: Traditional masculinity cannot survive in a post-war modernising world.
-> All my arguments here carry on from one another, and they all culminate in a conclusion of my overall argument. I'd also introduce my overall argument in my intriduction.

- Read academic articles about the texts you're studying, and identify how the writers' arguments gradually progress. Although A level isn't to that standard, of course, I always found it helpful, even though edexcel English only requires critics for Shakespeare.

Try not to panic too much, it will just click at some point... I was getting Ds for ages in French essays in year 12 and my last y13 esssays were A*. It's not over till it's over
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i'd definitely bring up the issue that she seems to be outright refusing to help at all with your essay practice to the school. a teacher shouldn't change her ucas predictions just because you complained about her- that'd be unprofessional; if that does end up happening bring up the issue to your head of year etc.
you will get better at essay writing through practice, but a teacher's feedback is also invaluable so your complaints aren't unreasonable. i'd definitely encourage your mom to to bring up the issue. lots of people do improve though in the course of year 13 :yep:

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