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It was a rainy day,all the clouds were becoming dark. A lady was admitted in hospital as she was pregnant. I think it was exactly 12:02 AM , a boy landed on the earth and off course he should be our hero. Birds were signing as if they were welcoming someone. And this is a simple introduction and the name of our hero will be maintained as secret until the time comes.

1 Year Passed:

It was late 1990's the price of the goods kept increasing everyday.It was just 3 days before the election. Parties were distributing money to people. Almost 99% of them received money but one women refused to get it. She told them she will not sell her vote at any cause and closed the door with heavy sound. She turned back to her home with a sense of happiness and told her son that 'Power of human is within his hand'. And off course her son should be our hero but not. He is our hero's brother. Our hero is just born and was lying on bed. The election day arrived. Mr.Chandrasekhar and his wife were standing in crowd to cast their vote . Oh sorry, I didn't say who is chandrasekhar. He is father of our hero. When they were
about to cast their vote,officials told Mrs.Chandrasekhar that someone had counterfeit her vote. With a heavy depression she turned back to her home. In front of a mirror she started crying. It was exactly mid night but she kept on crying. Suddenly a voice sounding 'Ammmmaaa' heard to her. Immediately she got up and went near the child . Yes,he is our hero. The mother took the child and made him stop crying.

9 Years passed:

Our hero is now 10 years old. His school was celebrating annual day and our hero has enrolled his name for singing. When, he stepped into the dice,he was confused and whole crowd laughed at him. With atmost pain and sorrow our hero turned back to his home. He started crying crying crying. Suddenly, his mother came in and started convincing him. After a battle, finally she made her son stop crying. She told him 'Power of success comes from failure'.This word has created a huge impact in his mind. The next day when he went to the school, his friends started mocking him but our hero with a fresh look told them' Your words will not stop my success'. After our hero came home, his father asked his report card. Though he failed, immediately our hero gave his report card. His father didn't scould him. He just smiled at our hero and went away. Our hero was confused and his father smile kept disturbing him throughout the night. The next day with atmost curiosity he went to his father and asked him the reason for his smile. His father once again smiled at him and told his son that 'though you failed when I asked for report card you gave it without any hesitation'.

6 Years passed:

Our hero is 16 years old. Mr.Chandrasekhar,his wife and his elder son went to some party and we're returning home. Our hero is staying alone and waiting for his family. Suddenly Mr.Chandrasekhar has lost his sense and the car lost his control. Unfortunately the whole family met with an accident and our hero after hearing the news ran to the hospital. Doctors told him he has to pay 10lakhs for their treatment. Our hero ran back to his home and gathered all the money. When he turned back to the hospital there was 3 shocking news for him. Doctors informed him that his mother had gone to coma, his father has been paralysed and his brother has lost his leg. Suddenly,our hero lost his mind and fell down. After he woke up, he was allowed to see his family. He was out of his control and his whole mind was filled with darkness. After spending 2 weeks in the hospital, his family was discharged and they came back to their home. As all their family members were not able to move,our hero sat in front of the mirror and began crying. What he is going to do next. The story continues..........
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Err what does this have to do with British politics?

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