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hi there
i got interview for Glasgow university secondary education PGDE Secondary computing on Skype. I am very nervous and I had already one rejection from Glasgow University. My answers for the questions were really prepared but now I don't know how to answer them. Can anyone share what should be the answers buzz words for each questions?
Like first question about experience to share. I talked about teaching adults and all age groups but i adapt my commuincaiton to their level. mr feed back was constructive etc.
2 question about communication how to describe difficult concept, I told them about my class experience by example that how i taught the compound interest and what difficulties i faced and then simplified the information and taught step by step, took the jargons out of communication. asked them questions to ensure if they are understanding and also reinforcing the information..

3 workload high i told about working with refugees and less staff and more expectations. kept myself focused, team work, also stayed calm. helped other members when I can and keep my team optimistic during high pressure time

4.religios or ethical education: i told that I believe that ethics are important to teach in all fields of life and how much it can develop the society as it will help individuals to be more responsible citizens.

5. Business subject I enjoyed was I enjoyed marketing as my project of event management and it helped me to develop negotiation skills, i worked practically and organized and used different marketing and leadership skills and it was the best way of learning and develop more understanding of working in markets.

I need help to develop my answers to the right way please

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