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Hi. Im currently a 2nd year medic. I was initially looking for accommodation with a group of 2nd year medics but then my mum wanted to buy a 1bed flat for me so we would save money in the long run, given that I'm a med student and renting is much more expensive.

I agreed and we were looking since Nov 2019. We managed to find a nice 1 bed flat and put in an offer that the seller was happy with. However, 2 weeks ago, we received an email from the estate agent saying that the seller would only "accept" our offer if we moved into the house from June 2020 onwards and paid rent until September. And then after this, she was going to sell us the house. The reason for this is because due to COVID, the current tenant staying in the house was moving out and the owner was going to lose out on rent.

Now, seeing as I'm a student who is already in rented accommodation, how did she expect us to pay for 2 places at once. It just seems so unreasonable!

We were very angry and thought it strange at how she dismissed our offer [after agreeing to it!] and so we decided to pull out of the offer we'd made.

However, due to the COVID situation, I am back home and there have been no new property listings to buy. It's also too late to try and rent a place for next year as many people have already found housing and studios have sold out.

I start uni the 1st week of September as I'm going into 3rd year and am really stressed out about how to deal with this situation.

Can someone suggest something. I feel like I'm out of options and I'm very anxious, which is not doing me any good as I have 2nd year exams coming up as well. I feel like uni accommodation is also only for 1st years and I don't think they can help.

I just don't know what to do anymore. Any suggestions would be helpful.
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I wouldn't worry about it. You've been screwed over but there are solutions, just not this minute.

For now, yes, there will be no listing, to rent or to buy. But once the lockdown ends they will appear again.

You will find many student houses have a free room - yes, you won't be with your friends, but it's a chance to make new ones. And this is pretty much guaranteed, just contact letting agents in your area and they will know (people always drop out, or a group of 3 will want a 4 bed house and the landlord would rather have someone on the house than it be completely empty) and be able to find you somewhere. And there is likely to be a drop in students this upcoming year, which works in your favour. As for buying, keep looking and eventually something will come up. You may even find the original seller comes back to you when they can't fill the house either and realise they were being greedy and you didn't pay ball.

You can still use accommodation, ask about mature housing/floors so you aren't with 18 year olds. Or private accommodation is popular now (such as Roost) etc.

I know it's stressful, but you will find somewhere and lots of people want to buy or sell and currently can't so once this lockdown is done the options will all come back. You've got a few months, and a rental tenancy can be done in a week. So for buying, that takes longer and depending on lockdown, probably wouldn't be ready for your start date anyway. Good luck!

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