Bar Vocational Studies at City, University of London

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So, although I am only a first year law student currently, I have my mind set on pursuing a career at the bar (not sure what field, but leaning towards more IP/shipping or maybe even international law).

Irrespective of how difficult it is to get in, I firstly have the question: is there some sort of prestige amongst providers for the BVC? I imagine the one at City, University of London is quite good as it has links to some of the chambers I believe?

Secondly, this uni offers three courses, all including the BVC. One of them is just the regular BVC, one also includes the opportunity for some specialism and the third offers all of the above plus the opportunity to do a diss or a project with a real client and it is in the form of an LLM. I know LLM's don't tend to boost your applications massively but I'm thinking (obviously it would be more expensive but) would it be worth doing it since it is still 1 year and still includes what you need to apply for the bar but it offers specialism and the opportunity to do a diss/project with a real client and surely having a masters will be a bonus that most students wouldn't have when applying to the bar? The only thing is, I don't know if this would be seen as a rather 'weak' masters in law since it isn't a typical masters in law degree.

I hope I haven't confused everyone with this low key essay question but any helpful responses would be greatly appreciated

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