Less than 10 % Madagascar Rainforest remains, land looks like its bleeding (Photos

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So sad, Madagascar was an almost fully forested island about 60 years ago
Today less than 10 % of the rainforest there remains and the land is now developed and looks like modern UK with cities everywhere and miles upon lmiles of pasture land and farmland.

The remaininig 10 % is being deforested at an alarming rate with slash and burn and hug scale logging still taking place.

Madagascar is one of the most deprived places on the planet and it is said that deforestation is a huge economic boost for the epople that lift there and brings them out of poverty, even so it is sad to see the forest completely going.

Here is a photo of madagascar recently taken from space , don't forget the entire island was almost fully covered green in rainforest a few decades ago. now this si what it looks lke and is getting worse.

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It is also causes red soil to spill and contaminate into the oceans as the soil that was once under rainforest is washed into the ocean which is contaminating the ocean also and killing marine life. It is red due to the extreme erosion of the land.

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It looks as thoguh this is another land fell victim to us, Name:  16324485_s-blue-foot.jpg
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Oh no, this is awful! It's so sad to think about all the animals and plants that have been lost. Thank you for alerting us to this.

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