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Students at Cornwall campus, University of Exeter
University of Exeter

Exeter and Exeter Cornwall Campus - What's the difference?

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Students at Cornwall campus, University of Exeter
University of Exeter
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Is there a decent mix of people then? do the 'crazy arty people' and the exeter uni ppl??

The flats are a mixture of falmouth & exeter students - in my flat theres 3 fal & 3 from exeter so yeah everyone mixes going out etc. :smile:
Original post by Hanzing
Falmouth is a Fabulous place!! :biggrin:

If anything I think there can be certain benefits from studying at the cornwall campus than the main, For example my friend had an offer for English and chose to study at the Cornwall campus which had a much smaller intake of students in there year than in exeter universitys main campus, she felt they benefited from much more one on one time from the lecturer and not straiend facilities and pretty much most of her class gained firsts!

In regards to the region possibly attaining lower grades than avergae, I tend to think that a large part of people dont choose the cornwall campus because, well its definately the majority of my expeirence with friends, that we want to move to a city, or try somewhere new!! I Mean I Love cornwall, But I wanted to go to a city for the experience.

I know this is a long shot but if you see this could you ask your friend what she thought of the module choices at Cornwall compared with Exeter? I got a changed course offer and I found that there is basically way more choice at the Streatham campus. Thanks
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One of them is in civilisation, the other isn't In England civilisation ends in Plymouth, West of that nobody knows..... I've been to Cornwall I will never be the same :frown:
Imagine - for a moment - the University of say, Liverpool having a campus in Wales - calling it Liverpool Wales Campus - now you understand why different rules apply.
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Original post by Kaz007
Said it in the title really - Exeter Cornwall Campus seem to have more courses in clearing and asking for far lower grades than the main university. So I just wanted to know, is the Cornwall Campus less highly rated? Or is the only difference the location?

i study at the cornwall campus and i asked my tutor this question, she said that it is to do with location. when people think of exeter university they think of the main campus in exeter so the one on cornwall is less known therefore grades a lower to encourage more people to go there

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