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revise for literature Power and Conflict.

How do you make notes on AQA Power and Conflict? Please and Thank you in year 10 quite confused what to write. Any essential tips
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I'm just guessing it's the poems, correct me if wrong. I used genius to help zoom into the poem. I then picked out the most important 6 quotes and just annotated as much as I could for them. Those would be the quotes you write about in the single poem question.Once I did that for all my poems, I decided which poem to compare to which and found 5 comparisons and wrote down things I could write for it, this was for the comparative essay. (I just copied and pasted this from your other post)
For the poems in the anthology (my cluster was power + conflict) I used Mr Bruffs YouTube videos to get the basic annotations and then after I used mr salles English yt videos for more in depth analysis and annotations. Also searching up the poem’s analysis in google should give you lots of great resources such as BBC and other Lit websites which will help you a great deal if you are aiming for the higher grades
Also, as it’s a comparison question (if your exam board is AQA) those yt videos do give you ideas on how to compare the poems. Try making posters, one for each of the poems with the essential quotes, notes and important facts such as context so u can apply it accordingly to a question. I would recommend exam questions to help you prepare because it will help you remember quotes and you can experiment with structure and so on. Also, you can refer back to it and it will help you organise the poems into specific themes
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For more in depth analysis try EnglishWithSim on Youtube!
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How do you make notes on AQA Power and Conflict? Please and Thank you in year 10 quite confused what to write. Any essential tips

Many people make flashcards for key quotes, key context. I personally made Essay Plans for each essay that way I ended up writing around 7 essays (each essay would cover two poems). I found that making plans was something I didn’t do in all my mocks exam (always got near to full marks in my Literature papers so I was confident it worked for me), instead I used the planning time to get started right away because I wanted to ensure that I wrote atleast 1000 words (my teacher told me that for an essay to be considered Grade 9 worthy it needs to be around 1000 words, of course the content matters too). I believe I still have my 30/30 essay that I wrote for London (compared it against Checking Out Me History) if you want to take a long and see what makes a 30/30 essay and roughly how much you have to write, then I will send it to you.
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Yes, Please .Thank You.
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Can i have it please
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can you send it to me please?

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