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MA 3D Animation - Bournemouth or Kingston University?

I've got offers from both Bournemouth University as well as Kingston University for MA 3D Computer Animation.
Which University is a better choice?
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Which univ did you choose?
Hello @Rachna12,

Congratulations on receiving an offer to study MA 3D Animation!

As a current student studying at Kingston University, I share my own experience with you.

Kingston University has good supportive facilities such as academic success, careers & employability as well as supportive lecturers.

The University has good transport links such as buses and train stations that are close by. There is also a free university bus which goes around the campuses and halls of residence.

Some of the things that you have access to on the course are below:

Kingston University is an active member of The Independent Game Developers' Association (TIGA) and the British Interactive Media Association (BIMA).

You would also have access to the latest industry popular software, such as Autodesk Maya & Mudbox, Arnold, Maxon One (including Zbrush), Nuke, Mari, Adobe Suite, Substance 3D, and Animbot.

There are high-spec workstations, brand-new Wacom Cintiq Pro 24" HD and XP-Pen Artist 24 Pro graphics displays that you can use.

Students have access to our digital media studio, motion capture suite and state-of-the-art kit including Rokoko Wireless MoCap suits.

you can find more information about the course here

My advice would be to have a look at each of the university modules and look at the ones that you would learn a lot from.

Also, make a list of pros and cons and try to imagine which university you see yourself in.

I hope you find this information helpful.

Kingston University Postgraduate Student Representative.
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