Archaeology Vs Event management Vs International security

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Hello to everyone! I'm currently going through a super hard decision after I graduated from Cultural Heritage in Italy. I got 3 very interesting offers:
- MA in Archaeology at UCL
- MSc in International event management at Brookes
-MA in International intelligence and security (Glasgow-Trento-Prague)

3 very different fields I was able to study during my BA, that I really like.

Of course my heart is for the archaeology one but I'm very concern about the work prospects, since is known that there is not much work in that field. I love the event management idea, since is a creative field and that's is something very important to me. But the Security program would allow me to get into a wide range of job opportunities and maybe work for UNESCO one day that would be so great!

Now I don't really know how the university are, but I was wondering if there is someone who can give me an advice to help me making this hard life decision.

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If I were you, I'd be very keen on accepting UCL offer since it is not only what you seem to like the most, but UCL Institute of Archaeology is very prestigious and it offers a wide range of internship opportunities at museums and at other cultural institutions.
Actually, I've already accepted my offer for MSc Archaeological Science: Technology and Materials at UCL as well .
Moreover, I'd advice you to make a decision as soon as possible since you would have to start looking for accommodation wherever you decide to go, which can be a little bit stressful since some student halls don't have any places left or they can be very far away from your departament so you'd spend a lot of time and money in commuting.
In my case, I'd already accepted a place for accommodation at Goodenough College, which is a postgraduate hall that is very close from the Institute of Archaeology and it offers a wide range of cultural, social and academic activities and it has an Italian society If you decided eventually to go to London and were interested in Goodenough, I could help you with the application process if you needed to.
Regarding the flat sharing option, you could look for roommates at if you were interested in this type of accommodation.
If you want to contact me for anything, you can send me a private message.
Best of luck!🍀
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