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Scholarship surrey

Surrey said if i get aab i will get a scholarship worth 1k a year, and they will double my bursary. I got abb 4 marks of an A in maths , is it worth emailing them. As I 3 grand down the drain for 4 marks.
IMO you'd be better off getting a module or two remarked to see if you can get up to an A.
Students relax outside, University of Surrey
University of Surrey
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well i dont think my grades will change, as its maths and its either wrong or right, no inbetween. The thing is if i get a firsts in the first year the I can get the scholarship, worth 3 grand. I can't see my grade chaning at all. TBH i thought i did worse.
remarks aren't just about whether something is wrong or right. It's not uncommon for an exam board to have totalled up the marks wrong.

At least it'd be worth getting hold of a copy of your marked papers to see if you and your maths teacher can see any possible dodgy marking.
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Last year it was ABB for the 1k scholarship, which is when I applied (deferred entry). This year its changed to AAB - Contacted them and I wont be able to get it =/

Getting modules remarked and hoping for another A is the only chance I think.
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I got abb, 4 marks of an A in maths. I even think i did much better than i expected, much much better tbh, i cant see them making 4 marks out of no where as the answer is either right or wrong. so ima leave itI would have got an A in maths if only i retook s1. Oh well. i still got an interview for an engineering scholarship and another scholarship from unis which ima apply for. plus ima work my ass of at uni and get a firsts.
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Unlucky there. I got AAB, do you know if that 1k is guaranteed for 3 years or just this first year?
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3 years, but if u get a firsts you get 1000 quid.
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I go AAB and remarking the B to see if I can get an A do you have to contact them concerning the scholarship or do they do this automatically and if i have to contact them is it to the department or wat ?