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I don t know if i will have good enough grades to be accepted to a universiti at Mechanical Engineering so i am thinking to enroll to a hnc/d and after completion to transfer to a university. Is HNC/D comparable with the subjects in university?If i transfer to year 2(UNI) after hnc or 3rd year after HND,am i going to be able to do good in uni?Will i be enough prepared? Are universities like Liverpool,Swansea,Sussex,Dundee,sheffield,NewCastle,Leicester will accept me after i finish this courses?
I need to know if the quality of teaching is comparable with uni so i will be able to do good in uni if i study hard during HNC/D.
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Hi, I done highers, then HNC in electrical engineering, then an integrated 5 year masters in electrical and electronic engineering in Scotland. My AAB highers (including maths) and HNC allowed me entry to some university courses

You should try and do well in maths or physics to go along with the HNC

The HNC did give me electrical knowledge such as circuits and power systems which helped me at uni although the HNC was very lacking in maths. The uni maths was a massive jump up even though I had an A in higher maths

I also think it depends on where you do your course though as some universities will be harder than others

If you do not get into uni with the HNC then you can still do the HND

PS do you see yourself mainly working in an office or with your hands as I wished that I had done an electrician apprenticeship instead of taking the uni route for several reasons
• I hate offices and much prefer doing practical electrical work
• I got a student loan instead of being paid to learn from a young age
• It's easier to find work as an electrician and the pay isn't too much different on the most part plus still has opportunities for progression or being self-employed

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