Level 9 English Language GSCE Short Story

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Hi All. Below is my level 9 English Language GCSE short story I did for my GCSEs. I planned it before hand and learnt it so I knew what I was going to write before going into the exam. Not sure who this could help but if you're looking for example work I guess it could help

Title: The Choice

The sky was black with clouds as I drove down the lonely country lane, suffocated by the high hedges on either side. My car had been making a clanking sound for the last 10 miles and I knew it wouldn’t last much longer.

The rain began to hammer down when my car finally died, and the sky was cut by lightning. My heart sank when I checked my phone and saw that I had no signal. Sighing, I dragged my raincoat off the back seat and stepped out into the raging storm. Shielding my eyes from the stinging rain, I searched the area for another car, a phone box, a house lit by friendly lights but could see nothing. The only thing I could do was walk through the ferocious weather to try and find some shelter…I had no other choice.

The lane was like a river, and the water was already up to my ankles, I began to get very frightened. There was nothing and no-one I could see that would help me. As I turned a corner, I was faced with just another empty road in the middle of nowhere. The rain was still lashing down and my ears were deafened by great rolls of thunder. I desperately looked left and right and shouted with joy at the sight of a driveway covered by an arch of stones with stone dragons on either side. This was my only choice

Immediately, the hairs went up on the back of my neck. The only light came from the flashes of lightning slicing through the gigantic window at the top of the stairs; all the furniture was covered in white dust sheets and the walls were draped with cobwebs. The only clean things in this frightful place were a white door on my left and a black door on my right.

My skin prickled as I heard a rattle like chains being dragged over gravestones coming from deep within the house. I needed to find a working phone very quickly. I had to make a choice – the white door or the black door? My heart was nearly beating out of my chest as I was sure the metallic dragging sound was getting louder and louder

Another stab of lightning lit the room and suddenly the dust sheets seemed to take on a life of their own; the wind gusted through like a devil’s breath. The white door or the black door? I frantically turned left and right, sure that my life was in danger if I made the wrong choice. The white door or the black door. The wind cried again. The terrible sound was so loud.

I finally made my choice and reached out my hand…
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hi is this all of your story? i have an english mock this tuesday and im trying to plan my answer, i am a bit lost on what i want it to be about because i have a good few stories but then again i cant use them because it might tell me to write about something else.do you have any tips anyways
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Hi, I know this was posted a while ago but do you remember what score out of 40 you got on the creative writing

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