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The 'I'm Coming to Exeter' Thread

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I got in to study biochemistry! So happy! :d
Students at Cornwall campus, University of Exeter
University of Exeter
Congrats everyone who gets in. You'll love it, Exeter is amazing :moon:
Got in for economics... so ridiculously happy.
I got A*AB for my AAA offer so I had an hour of hell between getting my grades at 6am and UCAS track opening up.
So very relieved.
See you all there.
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Going to Exeter for Accounting and finance. Have been waiting for a decision since early July(IB results) since I missed my offer but they said they'd make their decision after receiving A-level results. Found out that i'm going. Soooo happy. I keep thinking that theyre gonna email me saying that it was an error.
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I'm coming to Exeter for Psychology :biggrin:

I can't believe this is real!
I got in for Medical Imaging! :biggrin: :biggrin: Completely gobsmacked at my results and ridiculously happy!! :biggrin:
I'm coming to study Law!!! Bring on Freshers!!!! :banana:
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I'm in for computer science :smile: It was my insurance though and the guy in the accommodation office didn't offer much help and said I wouldn't be guaranteed accommodation so I'm a bit worried about that. :frown: Apparently I need to wait for them to send me an email about it. Anyone else in the same situation?
Yepp definitely coming for Economics and Russian, so unbelievably happy :woo:
Got in for geography, so excited for freshers! Less than a month now!

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Managed to get a place on the English course at Streatham, very pleased. :biggrin:
Got my grades for Classics and I'm in, absolutely ecstatic!
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Coming to Exeter to study History :smile: Very happy! Btw does anyone know when we will find out if our accommodation applications have been approved?
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In for Law, wish they'd hurry up with the accommodation though! :biggrin:

PLEAASSE can somebody be a life-saver. Basically We need a student who hasn't applied for accommodation yet who wants to live in the fun filled "lafrowda" it's an awesome halls known as the most fun in exeter, being the cheapest halls, you'll still have some cash to spend. So if you were planning on applying to old lafrowda, message me and you will get it GUARANTEED. Basically the story is, my friend emma has been given a room in lafrowda, but now wants to live in a house with us, but the uni won't let her pull out unless she finds someone who hasn't applied yet to take her room. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CAN SOMEBODY BE A LIFE SAVER (fresher's drink on me!!!!) xxx
It's a guaranteed room, if you do it through the system, you're unlikely to get your first choice, so if your fist choise would be lafrowda, please contact me
Flexible combined honours, english and sociology :smile: see yall in september.
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Got my grades for Classics and I'm in, absolutely ecstatic!

congratulations! me too!! can't wait :smile:
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anyone got in for economics......................:smile:
I'm currently at Exeter already, but one of the student societies (XTV) is looking for a new recruit!!
We're looking for a fresher to help out in a documentary that will be being filmed during freshers week,
and I just wondered whether some of you TSR'ers would be interested in helping us out - its a really good opportunity and we're all keen beans about making it good!
If you're confident - even if you've never been on camera before and regardless of your gender or your course, we'd be happy to hear from you, and it won't interfere with your freshers week much either :smile:

Send me a private message or an email if you're even slightly interested!

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