British-based ethnic minorities and their approach to education.

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To clarify, I'm a Filipino so you're hasty assumption of this being a rant from a radical right-winger will be out of the window. Furthermore, I will be speaking from personal experience as I use to travel a lot across Britain due to being once part of a Filipino-based community. It would be much appreciated to hear perspectives from other ethnic-minority groups as I would like to develop my thinking on this topic

And to elaborate the question, addressing the ethnic minorities who either were born in or have lived for a very long time in the UK, why is our attitude to the education in this nation vastly different from the attitudes of our fellow people in our homeland? I have seen that the drive to thrive in academia is much more dominant to the people from the Philippines, but evidently their means of achieving greatness is inhibited by external circumstances, whereas the academic drive of the Filipinos here is scarce. For instance, the Filipino-community that I was once in was more laidback to their approach to life in the UK, installing new social norms of how a typical Filipino should behave as and casually settling for less in academics rather than encouraging to be academically excellent. It is also worth noting that the community itself was also strictly tied to religion and its religious teachings and also containing a significant population from British-based Filipinos. In higher education, it is common to see Filipinos studying in less acclaimed universities rather than striving to acquire a place in prestigious once, for instance in Oxbridge, statistics show little British-based Filipino population studying in those institutions, compared to the Filipinos from the Philippines studying there. Although it may sound elitist, I just find it selfish that the free education here is not being utilized to its great effect, as having something so salient to us being so accessible, it is a luxury that so many would dream to have in the Philippines.

Of course, education is not the only pathway in life but considering the main factor of why our parents (and to the parents of other ethnic minorities) emigrated here, that is to attain a better life and a lived experience, it is just unfathomable to why my fellow countrymen and women are not making use of this first-world benefit.

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I believe that most people that are from BAME (myself included) feel as if they have to work harder to become something. This could be because of knowing thier parents came to the UK for a reason and worked hard to get here and for us to have this education or it could also be because of racism. Racism in the UK is still prevelant and there is inequality in employment based of race. My best friend who is from Uganda told me once how her mother always told her to work extremely hard because it's harder for people from ethnic minorites to make it to high paying jobs. That's not to say we aren't capable but because of underlying prejudices, opportunities are limited. I think also some og us born here might not understand or take advantage of the lifestly we have with free education and think that opportunities are equal in the world and therefore become more laid back and may even throw away their education which is quite upsetting considering the amount of people who would love to get an education.

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