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i’m 16 but all i can think about is the fact you can die at literally any minute and no one knows what happens next. people are like “it’s just like before you were born” like :confused: i can’t remember what it was like before i was born! and that’s what really messes with my head. i can’t comprehend “nothing” and that’s why i’m so scared of it. and please don’t force your religion on me. does the fear of death go away with time? i could type for hours about how i legit can’t understand how everything in the universe is going to come to an end one day and we’ll be gone until the end of time! like wtf. the only thing that helps is reading paranormal experiences cause then i feel like there is some sort of afterlife.
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Imagine all your worries going away, you will feel nothing or know nothing. Imagine sleeping but without dreams. It would just be empty. So you don’t have to worry because having absolutely no worries is the ultimate peace. Well that’s what I think anyways !
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Well, first of all we need to understand that we were not sent on this earth randomly or without any reason. Like everything else, we do have a purpose of life. One can not say that he’ll be in peace after death just like before his birth. There’s gonna be a day when all the dead will be resurrected. Everyone will be answerable for their deeds. Everyone would get justice. Life’s just like a test. Just like you don’t see your teacher during the test , you can’t see God in this life. If you pass it , you’re in heaven. If you don’t , you’ll have to face the consequences for whatever evil you’ve done in this life.

Not gonna enforce anything , but I’d recommend you do your research about religions and whatever convinces you. BUT thinking that nothing’s gonna happen after death is the biggest lie you could tell to yourself. Nothing in this world was ever created without purpose.

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