How is everyone deciding what course to do? (Scottish)

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Got offers from UWS, Edinburgh, Strathclyde and GCU but I’m really unsure what to do. I’ve also just heard back from Stirling and I think I’ve got too much choice now.

How are folk deciding?
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Edinburgh is most prestigious, if you want to be First Minister in 20 yrs time, then that is where to go.

Paisley/Ayr is to choose if you might need some help from the college, are a bit uncertain of things, they are a bit more on the caring side of being holistically interested in their students.
Strathclyde would give you the technical grounding for future social work, solve all tech problems + future social work might be heavily online
Stirling, most beautiful campus in the whole of the UK, accidentally the cheapest student housing in the whole of UK ( Bath was most expensive when I checked )

GCU, nope, don’t know anything about them in particular - applied to Napier & a minor Ed’burgh college.

So ‘strict’ ranking is Ed, Strath, Stirling, GCU(prob) UWS, if you’re a self-starter , can grok info from a lecture hall of 200 people...
UWS, GCU, Stirling, Strath, University of Edinburgh as ranking by approx size of class, if you need more help, need better contact to tutors

(Tho’ this was all pre-virus data, UWS was about to reduce their teaching staff just pre-virus)
From semantic analysis of your post, snappy, relevant - I think you could (probably) cope with the University of Edinburgh as a Firm, Strathclyde/Stirling as ‘spare’?

Other permutations also to consider, especially if you live nearer one or the other college, all EU students simply go to the physically nearest uni
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Good luck with your studies! Remember, if you need accommodation in Paisley, get in touch with us on 0141 212 9859!

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