How to note be racist: A guide for the 2020s.

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In the news, there have been a lot of accusations of racism in the past few years: Hollywood with its lack of diversity, authors like Jordan Peterson, politicians like Donald Trump or Boris Johnson. It seems like racism is everywhere, based on the fine works of media like The Guardian and MSNBC.

As a helpful writing tool, I thought I would come up with this simple and handy guide to not be racist in the 2020s.


There are a few simple guidelines for Hollywood in order to not be racist. The first is the myth of the noble savage. Don't do it It's condescending and racist to take a technologically less advanced culture, create a character and make him noble and good as a counterpoint to the rest of the culture around him.

The second guideline for Hollywood is the Savage savage. As we have seen in the past week, the archetype of the Orc is reminiscent of certain technologically less reminiscent cultures and making them evil and bad is a dogwhistle for racists. When making a film, it is imperative not to include a character who comes from a technologically less well-advanced culture and have that character be bad. It is racist in the worst possible way.

Another guideline is that Hollywood must include characters of other races. Not including characters of other races, or including them as token uninteresting background characters, is racist and terrible. Including only films with white characters is clearly the racist and immoral choice.

So to sum up, Hollywood, listen to this simple advice: Don't write foreign characters as good. Or bad. And definitely don't refuse to write them at all or attempt to put in a token effort because you find writing characters that have no defining positive or negative moral characteristics difficult. Just write interesting main characters that simultaneously are neither good, bad nor indifferent.

Cultural Appropriation:

Cultural appropriation is one of the most heinous acts one can commit. It is the act of someone taking aspects of a culture that isn't theirs and appropriating it for their own use.

Look at Lilly Singh, utilizing clothes and a style that aren't hers to begin with. The clear and easy answer is that, in order to not be racist, people should stick to the clear fashions and ideas they have been pigeonholed into because of their race.

Also, don't pigeonhole people due to race. That's super-racist.

How to have conversations about racism.

Racism is still alive and well in the west, as previous examples have shown. It is a moral imperative to discuss it and to thrust to the light these terrible acts of race-based hatred.

The ever-talented Reni Eddo-Lodge wrote a lovely book called 'Why I'm No Longer Talking to White People About Race' in which she recalls the terrible ordeals she's faced with when discussing racism with white people. She says they don't want to genuinely discuss it, but rather want their own views heard, which she doesn't want to hear as they haven't undergone what she's undergone.

The key to having a conversation about racism is that, if someone is telling you that something is racist, you should just shut up and listen based on your race.

Also, don't tell people to shut up and listen based on their race, because that is super racist.


In conclusion, racism is an important topic. One that is simple and straightforward and easy to avoid if you follow these handy tips, but the most important thing to do is listen when people tell you they are offended.

If someone says they are offended, it isn't because they are a living person with self-determination and a measure of self-awareness. They are saying that because they are triggered by what you said or did, and like a gun that has no control over who fires it or why, it is not their fault or under their control when they are offended. It is purely down to you.
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This is a very useful and informative guide, thanks
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10 years ago i would have been positive that this is satire but in 2020 who knows.
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