de montfort university or greenwich university

Naoufal slaoui
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hey, guys, I'm an international student and I've received two offers one from greenwich university and the other from de montfort dmu and i wanna know which uni is better in marketing degree and which uni help youto find job after graduation
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Hey Naoufal,

First of all, congratulations on your offers! You have a choice between two unis in great cities :^_^: I know that the employability team at my uni have been very helpful for me over the past 3 years. They regularly send out information about graduate jobs, hold events to meet employers and give more general help to improve your CV/ cover letters etc. You will also have access to our online services for a year after you graduate.

Best of luck with your decision and I hope you have a great time at uni! :groovy:

De Montfort University
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Hi Naoufal,

Well done on receiving both your offers. It is amazing to see that you are doing your research before taking such an important decision of your life and is always good to make an informed decision. De Montfort University has excellent facilities and academics to teach Marketing (I know some say I would say that, given I work there) so why not see it for yourself?

At the moment of course following the national crisis we are unable to have physical open days. However we have so much information via our website:

You can find more information on there as well as we have an Open Day on the 4th of July which might be worth attending where you can ask more questions to our academics and students.

Just to give you some more information about the university, we are based in the Midlands, so wherever you live in the UK it is central to reach and has all the major transport links to get to Leicester fairy easily including train, coach, airport and car
It is a campus based University, but within a 5 minute walk of the city centre so the bars, restaurants, museums, dessert parlours, shopping -are all within easy reach. In addition some of these place cater for students extensively as Leicester has 2 universities.. there is a variety of options for students.

We do pride ourselves on being a very diverse University, with people from different countries, backgrounds and accordingly there is a huge volume of societies at DMU to match the diversity, which you can join and enhances your university experience even further

It is worth adding we were awarded gold the gold teaching award excellence framework - this really highlights our academic abilities.

We have a fantastic support network for students ranging from faculty support to welfare and access to medical facilities on campus as well as being able to earn an income whilst at university via our dedicated recruitment agency - Unitemps

I hope this gives you a flavour of DMU, and we would be happy to answer any further questions you may have. Our telephone number is 01162 506070 or whats app on 07970 655800, or feel free to ask me any questions via student room

Finally which ever university you choose, we wish you all the best for your future! and if it is DMU we look forward to seeing you!

Best wishes,


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