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Romania hasn't cancelled the Baccalaureate in June, so I still have to revise (and might be a little late actually). Because this is an unfamiliar system with most people here, I'll describe the situation.

For our literature exam, a third of the marks are on a 2-3 page essay describing a text that we've studied in school. So, we have to study and be able to write an essay on ~20 texts in order to be prepared for anything. Most people revise their class notes (which are often not enough) and memorise essay examples from exam preparation books, while grinding through dozens (maybe hundreds) of past papers and examples.

I have three sources of material: my class notes (which are too short to be able to write an essay on) and two exam preparation books. One has very difficult and fancy sounding essays, and the other I find too simple, so I have to combine ideas from every source and compile them into a big essay, but then it would be 4-5 pages long :'( I tried to use all three sources at the same time and build essays, but it's getting difficult to write while being covered in books and papers from head to toe.

Also, I have to include publishing, quotes and author data in each essay, and it's really difficult to memorise them for ~20 texts and not mix things up.

Tldr; Any idea on how to organize/compile all of my material and notes into an essay? How can I memorise years and historical facts for so many texts without mixing them up?

Thanks to everyone who is brave enough to tackle another system's issues :bawling:
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