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You need to refer to Source A and Source B for this question. Write a summary of the differences between the shop in each source. [8 marks]

Source A. Punch, December 7, 1878 TOYLAND.—As sure as ever Christmas draws near, the bazaars and shops of London put on a festive appearance. Toys innumerable, and various in shapes, sizes, and patterns, are thrust forward, so that kind-hearted uncles and aunts and indulgent grannies, as well as thoughtful fathers and loving mothers, may see what can be done to give pleasure to the little ones. What a bewilderment of pretty things, to be sure! Here are cups and saucers and tea-pots, that little girls may serve out tiny cups of tea to thirsty companions, or to the family of dolls in the nursery. And what a lot of dolls! Shelves are piled up with boxes, and in all of them, wrapped up in tissue-paper, are dolls. Baby dolls, and dolls dressed as brides; some of wax, china, or rag. Here are cradles in which dolly may sleep, or in which she shall be put when she is sent to bed without her supper when she has been naughty; and peram-bulators, that her little mistress may give her a ride in the park when she has been good. Skipping-ropes, battledores, tennis rackets, and hoops by the dozen, for the girls.

Source B. Marketing Week, 2018 High street toy retailer The Entertainer’s new £700,000 flagship store in Westfield London is a children’s haven of high-tech tablets, interactive floor projections and fart buttons. Stand in front of its augmented reality mirror and you can change your outfit entirely. To avoid the same fate as recently-folded Toys R Us, The Entertainer knew it needed to offer more than rows of shelves crammed with toys. And with profit up 37% year on year, CMO Phil Geary’s belief that specialist high street retailing is “far from dead” certainly seems justified. And so The Entertainer “ripped up its rule book” and decided to transform its traditional static store windows into something that could grab a child’s attention and keep it. The hope is there is enough going on for them to remain interested for three to four minutes. The windows now have a variety of branded content jumping between dynamic screens, inspired by “a very long list of fun stuff” children said they wanted to see.
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You're essentially comparing and contrasting the 2 shops. Try to include critical thinking into the answer e.g. if the strategy is good for Shop A, is it better than Shop B? If so, why and by how much? Is this significant?

For an 8 mark answer, you shouldn't be producing more than half a page of writing.

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