Postgrad Creative Writing - looking for housemates (for a laidback metalhead/nerd)

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Hi guys, I'm going to be starting an MA in taught Creative Writing come september, and really excited.
I still need to find accomdoation and whilst postgrad halls look like an easy option, I reckon it's too pricey for what it is and am more interested in a houseshare in the Lenton/Dunkirk areas, preferably in a mixed household with a fair few rooms so more chance of getting on with at least one housemate!

Just finishing an undergrad degree now in Scandinavian studies which has been very focused on Viking history / mythology and Norwegian, so my interests are a bit unusual haha! I'm into a lot of different music, but mainly (black) metal and folk like Wardruna/Forndom, as well as electronic etc.
Outside of writing I'm pretty open-minded and love a mix of fun nights out and some alone time, love getting outside in nature and to travel too for new adventures.

If there are any metalheads or anyone out there with similar interests, feel free to drop me a line (and maybe if you have a spare room), never know - would be great to find people with similar interests to live with, if it was possible!
On the other hand, if you're also looking for housemates but don't share these weird interests then still feel free to drop me a line, I've been the token goth of a lovely friendship group for years at undergrad level and am really chill about who I live with

Looking forward to joining Notts these societies sound awesome
Rock Society
Medieval Combat Society
Creative Writing Society
Boxing Society
Punk Society
Riding Society
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Hello!! I’m an English student looking for housemates! It’s a five bedroom house in Beeston, very cheap rent, and we’re all quite nerdy My number is 07525093979 if you’d like to get in touch.

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