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During this pandemic I realised that I am not cut out to be a doctor (medicine was what I wanted to study at uni) . I still think medicine is an incredibly fascinating subject that I would love to study but in the long run I just don't see myself working as a physician especially during pandemics like this and now I have found a love for law, well it was something that was always in the back of my mind but nobody was really that supportive (they weren't against it they just think that there are better options)

Since I have always wanted to settle in Canada after I finish my education everyone said not to do law cuz it is a very country specific thing whereas medicine is pretty universal u just need to complete a few exams and u ca practise but law is far more than that, it's competitive, finding a job wud be a struggle, it will take years to get a break through etc etc...

Now my question is ....

Should I study law in the UK (just saying I am from Scotland so Should i apply for law programmes down south) and then migrate to Canada and work things from there (Does anyone know the process?) or should I apply to canadian uni's do my undergrad, then go to law school there (again does anyone know the process of applying to canadian uni's for undergrad)

-Which is more beneficial for me to practise in Canada
- What are the best undergrad majors for law & how long they should last
-Which is more affordable (How do student visas and stuff like that work??)
idk if this is useful but I want to be a criminal defence attorney
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on study permit

on settling in Canada post study

on how to become a lawyer in Canada

you're going to have to look at the admission requirements for each Canadian school you're interested and ask yourself if you should do your bachelors in the UK or in Canada; and if it's the latter, how you can afford it because it's going to be significantly more expensive.

when you decide on a uni, imo you should bear in mind the standard of living, lifestyle, etc of said location as Canada is an enormous(!) country and these things will be dramatically different depending which part you're located. i've lived in 4 Canadian cities and imo they're not all worth living in

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