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Hello to everyone. I hope anyone who has attended either Oxford or Cambridge, or knows a lot about these colleges would read and answer my question. I’m an overseas applicant, and would like to study Physics, and so far I’ve figured I like Theoretical Physics.

So I’ve narrowed down my course choices (routes) just to two, one in Oxford and the other in Cambridge, however, obviously, one can’t apply to both in the same year.

Route 1: Apply to the Mathematics Tripos in Cambridge, and choose the Mathematics with Physics module in year 1,and Attend optional lectures in physics. In year 2, transfer to Natural Sciences Tripos, and take Mathematics, Physics A, and Physics B. And in years 3 and 4, do what makes sense at that moment, because honestly I can’t be certain right now.

Route 2: Apply to Physics at Oxford. Choose the Masters in Mathematical and Theoretical Physics option in year 4 and graduate with the MMathPhys degree.

(Also I have considered taking natural sciences from year 1 itself, and decided I’d rather do these two routes instead.)

So my question is:
1. Is the Cambridge route somehow better than the Oxford route—in that it presents more opportunities for further research or studies (within Cambridge itself)?
2. Is there any advantage in doing 1 year of the Mathematics Tripos since I’d like to specialise in theoretical physics?
3. Any general tips to help choose between the two. It’s really confusing. They’re both equally exceptional colleges (or so they say).

One thing to keep in mind, I’m more inclined towards the Oxford option because Cambridge (quite unfortunately) charge a College fees for international students—you need to pay to be part of a particular College, and so the cost varies between different Colleges. But on average it’s about £9.5k extra... (have I got it wrong? Does Oxford also charge “college” fees?)

Anyway, it would be REALLY helpful if someone could answer me. The preparations for each route differs so much, and so the sooner I decide the more time I’d have. Thank you so much! and sorry for the long post lol

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