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I am doing a crash higher in media this year - I've never done the subject before and so far all we've been told about the assignment is that it is worth half our final grade, what does the assignment actually involve? Is it all written or do we have to do research and practical tasks?
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Hello! I took Higher Media this year.

Assignment, as you said is worth 60 marks - the other 60 come from the written exam (2 papers)

The assignment itself is split into 2 sections - planning and development. Your teacher will give you a stimulus, and your project should relate to this in someway, whether it be genre etc.

Planning entails researching factors which affect the production of your content, planning what you're going to do, safety precautions you'll have to take when filming (and other institutional information), media techniques and language which are effective for your chosen genre and target audience. You also have to research production roles that you'll take on - director, actor, editor etc.

Section 2 - first of all you have to produce your content. I did a trailer for a crime drama series, however it depends on your given stimulus. The production isn't actually worth any marks, however take time to plan it and use what you learnt in Section 1. Once it's created, you analyse and evaluate it. 10 marks come from evaluating how effectively you carried out your production roles, things which had to change, did/didn't go well, things you'd change in the future. 20 marks come from analysing and evaluating your content. This should reference techniques you used, the effect they had on your audience etc. Everything you put in your trailer should be for effect - music, mise-en-scene (colour/lighting etc.), camera shots. The more you do this in your creation of your trailer, the easier the second bit of your assignment would be.

It's a lot of work, I spent more time on this assignment than all other subjects combined, but worth it. I recommend doing something you enjoy, it'll make this all seem a lot less tedious.

Any other questions, or if you want resources / to look at my assignment - just message me!

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