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Crime Scene and Forensic Investigation

I saw this while looking through the clearing lists and thought it sounded pretty interesting but the fact that it's only 2 years and you only need 180 points worries me a little.

Is there anyone out there currently doing this course? If so, what do you think of it? Is it as interesting as it sounds? I kinda have visions of a 2 year long episode of CSI :p:
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I'm not doing it myself but there seem to be quite a lot of people on the QMUL freshers groups on facebook who are doing it. It seems like a legit course...if you're interested, why not?
Students on campus at Queen Mary, University of London
Queen Mary, University Of London
If you want a career in forensic science you would be much better off doing a chemistry degree to start with and then taking further training.
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Working in the police I've worked alongside Scenes Of Crimes Officers (SOCO) from SCD4, which if you got a job in London it would be with them and their Crime Scene Examiner counterparts. Personally the role doesn't appeal to me too much, majority of the work in your first few years will involve lifting fingerprints and taking photographs as a SOCO. Then when you've shown your worth you can move onto become a Crime Scene Examiner and deal with the bigger and more serious scenes and specialise in other areas of forensics. Otherwise its dusting down burglaries alot..
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A friend is currently doing it...seems quite interesting to be fair, it is a foundation course...and most of it is taught at City and Islington College, but supposedly they have good links with the Met and good future prospects.

The practical side of it seems REALLY interesting though, he's always using cameras, taking fingerprints etc..but I guess you get a more deeper level of that in a full course.

I think they really just prepare you for a certain type of job, like the above mentioned.