Confusion over entry requirements/Access to Nursing

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Hi there folks

I see Access to HE questions are quite popular on this board so apologies for repeating questions. I did have a read through and couldn't find exactly what I needed to know

I've been accepted to study an Access to Nursing and Midwifery course in college. The entry requirements were One GCSE in English Language Grade C or above and passing a maths exam, which I did online. English was the only GCSE exam I passed with a C (15 years ago) and I passed their Maths test, so I basically scraped by on the requirements.

I suppose my concern is looking at a lot of universities, their entry requirements will state Access to Nursing X, Y an Z distinctions, mertis, etc. and then it will state plus 5 GCSES A*-C including preferably Maths and Science (just as an example).

So does this mean even if I went to college and completed this Access course with flying colours, I still wouldn't meet the requirements for uni because I only have one GCSE grade C or above?

Has anyone ever done an Access course with poor GCSE results and then progressed straight to uni or are those GCSEs integral?

If so, what sort of pathway would I take in order to study for several GCSEs plus the Access course? Would I need to do the GCSEs first and then move on to Access? The advice I was given by the college was that after initially applying for a Pre-Access to Nursing course, I was told I could go straight to "Access to Nursing" because I'd met the requirements.

I'm trying to plan roadmap of the next few years and how I get from point A to point B (point B being my nursing degree).

Thanks in advance for any advice.
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The main GCSE requirements are English, mathematics. Alot of universities won't really care about the GCSE requirements or be extremely lax on them for mature students.

But you do need a GCSE in mathematics or equivalent.

The best thing to do is to contact the universities you are interested in and email them. They will tell you exactly what they want. But for most it's just English and maths.

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