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I'm starting my A-levels this September and since I have a lot of time I wanted to study a little on psychology, I'm hoping some of you will have some online resources or anything I could start on.
My exam board will be eduqas and i want to study anything that will be on this specification, I would really appreciate it if anyone could help me out here...
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Hey, I just completed my Psychology A-Level with the same exam board Eduqas! It’s very difficult to find resources online as usually for Eduqas isn’t a very popular exam board.

Component 1 consists of the Biological approach, Cognitive approach, Psychodynamic approach, Positive approach and the Behaviourist approach.
I’d suggest you get an understanding of these approaches. For example, what are the assumptions of the biological approach?
For each approach you’ll study the assumptions of the approach, a therapy in relation to the approach and the effectiveness of the therapy, a classic study, a debate and the evaluation of the approach.

Component 2 consists of research methods, 2 studies and 2 research tasks which are chosen by the exam board for your year.

Component 3 consists of learning 3 behaviours. For each behaviour you’ll learn how to describe and evaluate the biological/ individual differences/ social-psychological explanation for each behaviour. Your college/sixth form decides which 3 behaviours. You’ll also learn 5 controversies.

Eduqas psychology is very content heavy. It does consist of a lot of memorisation but if you understand the content then it’ll be easier to memorise the information.

Message me if you ever need any help with Psychology as I know there’s a lack of resources online!

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