Health and socail care

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What is the best way to revise health and socail care Lo1 and Lo2
Arzoo Imran
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Hi, different things work for different people. This is what worked for me.
To revise for exams:
1) Get a BTEC Level 1 and 2 Revision Book (e.g. Pearsons)
2) Take a look at the specification for level 1 and level 2 BTEC. Look for it on the Pearson's website and if you can then print the brief specification out. (This helped me the most because when it came to revising I was able to highlight what I needed to focus on e.g. my strengths and weaknesses. I also used the specification to read ahead and gain knowledge on a topic even before I got taught it. This allowed me to answer questions and understand the topic more. Also it will help you to structure you revision and work).
3) Focus on your weaknesses and brush up on your strengths from time to time. Many people tend to focus on what is easier, but this won't help when it comes to exams as it will be harder to get into terms with the content that is difficult.
4) Revise as you go along with the course. Don't leave it all to the end as it will cram up and be hard to come to terms with.
5) Specification, Read, Note, Brain Dump, Read, Check, Add, Make a revision tool (e.g. flashcards, posters, spider diagram)

So to explain point number 5);
- First, look at the specification to see what needs to be learnt for the exam
- Next, read the content out of a revision book or anything that your teacher has given. If it is a lot then break it down into a few pages and a do a few every day or two
- Make notes out of what you have read by highlighting the key facts that you need to know.
- Read your notes.
- Brain Dump: Cover your notes and write down everything that you remember from your notes (Put a timer on and time it for 10 minutes)
- Once 10 minutes are up then check your notes to see what you have remembered and what you need to learn.
- Add any additional key points to the brain dump or to the notes.
- Finally, make a revision tool out of the notes you have made to break down the notes further and make them easier to memorise. Use apps like quizlet and get revising to make study tools like flashcards, posters and spider diagrams. You can make them by hand if you wish.

Sorry if this was long, but hoped it helped!

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