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Wrote an essay and if anyone is interested in reading and responding please do, would love feedback to it. Thanks!

Q. Outline and evaluate the role of neural and hormonal mechanisms in aggression. (AO1 only)

In relation to neural mechanisms the limbic system responsible for coordinating the behaviours that are brought about from the emotional urges, in particular fear and aggression. Of which the system consists of many regions, particularly the amygdala which quickly evaluates emotional importance of sensory information to prompt a response and the hippocampus which enables comparisons of current experiences with similar past experiences.
In this way is the limbic system able to generate responses of aggression if present with a threatening stimulus. Brain abnormalities can also explain why an individual may behave overly aggressive despite being in environments that may show few and little stimuli to provoke the response. An impaired hippocampus, for instance, prevents the autonomic nervous system from associating the encountered situation to previously relevant experiences and as such results in the amygdala responding inappropriately to the sensory stimulus; resulting in aggressive behaviour.

The neurotransmitter serotonin, is involved in the communication of neural impulses across the brain, exerting an inhibitory response that slows the rate of firing of impulses within the neurones. In relation to the amygdala normal levels of serotonin can regulate the emotional importance of stimuli, creating a greater degree of behavioural self control, however, lower levels fail to do so and as such result in the individual acting on impulse, making aggression more likely.
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Hello, I think the essay is okay. You would have also outlined other hormones such as Dopamine, testosterone and Cortisol. Since the question is asking for AO1 Only.

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