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I posted here a few weeks ago about receiving a rejection for MSc International Relations but that the selectors suggest I apply for MSc International Relations Theory. I submitted a revised application and have just had an unconditional offer for MSc International Relations Theory for September 2020!

Although I was happy to receive an offer, I have slightly mixed feelings about the Theory course although in practice bar one module, it is very similar to the straight IR programme. I am considering restating my application for next year to try to get into the straight programme, but I have a few questions about IR at LSE in general in the meantime:

1. Are masters degrees in IR worth it in general? I've read some commentary online that effective says they are worthless degrees.

2. Where do LSE MSc IR graduates typically go after graduation career wise?

3. I am a slightly more mature applicant - if I were to be 31 when I started the programme next September, would I be out of place / old at LSE?

4. I am an ex-lawyer mostly looking to use a masters from LSE to transition my career in a different direction e.g. into diplomacy / policy / international organisation / consultancy. Would an IR course at LSE together with my previous career history be a good stepping stone to achieve this?
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damn what happened to points 4-5?

the careers section on has some more detailed stuff about destinations

although i really have no idea about the use of a masters degree, i doubt that an experience lawyer would struggle to get a job in the foreign office or a consultancy with only a bachelors degree - those aren't the kind of jobs that require specific (postgraduate) degrees, much less a politics degree

there's nothing super weird about going to uni at your age. you wouldn't go clubbing with freshers but there's plenty of postgrads around your age going to uni and, just like anyone else of a similar interest/demographic does at uni, you'll find each other and make friends

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