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what age did you start to drive

I started at 15
passed earlier this year. Never driving again
27. My diving instructor had a woman in her 70s learning!
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27. My diving instructor had a woman in her 70s learning!

Why so late bro? Just curious
I passed my test at 17
loool wish I was the age to drive
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Why so late bro? Just curious

I didn't need to and also didn't want to. I was happy taking public transport even though I was living in a village. One day I was bored and decided to get some lessons and just after passing I got a job where you can only access by car, result!
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Started when I was 17 and passed when I was 17, after only 15 hours of tuition :smile:
I passed as soon as I turned 18. Since then I have forgotten how to drive.
3. Driving on GTA counts right?
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Age 2.
17 or 18 cant remember
I started learning at 27 missed 2 years during the covid lockdowns and passed last month at 31 (just turned 31). I wished I did do it at 17 though but I don't think myself I would have been mature enough for it back then.
What age do most people learn?
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I started at 15

18 years 11 months, so basically 19. Pandemic delayed me starting at 17. Passed November 2022
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Learnt to drive tractors before a car but passed my driving test at 17. Daughter did an intensive course this summer and learnt to drive and passed her test in 10 days.

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