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Hi everyone,

I am a second year vet student at Nottingham about to have a very long jobless summer with all my placements cancelled

I've decided to start tutoring/mentoring over the summer to earn a bit of money and help a few people out! I remember when I applied to vet school my college weren't very good at helping me with my application and my family didn't really know anything either so I was left to my own devices to sort everything out, prepare for my interview etc. There seemed to be a lot of support out there for medics but less for vets.

Because of this, I would like to offer 'How to get into vet school' mentoring sessions over zoom/skype or over email/messenger etc where I will go through
- How to write a really good personal statement, happy to read through yours and help you with it
- What work experience you need
- What to expect at interview (I am not allowed to give specific details out but can point you in the right direction), I will provide you with loads of good things you could research and talk about
- Mock interviews to prepare you for the real thing
- Advice on how to study well for your A levels
- General info about what to expect at vet school etc
I have helped run interviews at Notts and attended them at a few others so obviously I don't have all the answers but I reckon there are a few people that I can help. Vet school is SO competitive to get into and it doesn't seem fair to me that some people will be having loads of support from their sixth forms/families and others are left without guidance at all!

I'm asking for a super small fee for this purely because I am a student trying to make ends meet too. I know there is advice online but I want this to be really personal to try and help you out as much as possible. Feel free to PM me for more details

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